'Themify' Your Value

Why Themify Your Value
You've probably heard of an elevator pitch as a way to persuasively explain something quickly and concisely (in the time it takes to ride in an elevator). We prefer to call it a value introduction.

And your message is more effective if the receiver listens and finds value in it. So make it about them, or 'Themify' to help them understand how their life might be changed for the better!
Best Practices


1) concentrate on, be about or direct to others 2) making something of, relating something to, or focusing something on others rather than self 3) replacing "I", "Me", "We", "Us" with "You", "They", "Them", or corresponding proper nouns

Craft your best Themified Value Introduction (Elevator Pitch) to use in any situation that calls for helping people hear, understand, and remember something that could benefit them.

As you develop your introductions, keep these basic best practices in mind:

  • Be Your Best Customers - what pains and desires do they have? What emotions do your solutions evoke? How can you make their life better?
  • Use imagery, reference something they are familiar with, or inject some humor
  • Rather than what YOU do, communicate what's in it for THEM, replacing 'I' and 'We' with words like 'You' or 'Clients'
  • Keep it clear and concise, briefly answering each of the 5 W's
  • Only one message! You may have plenty to share, but they won't hear any of it if you try to share all of it
  • Always finish with something they can remember and easily act on
Craft Yours

Craft and practice multiple 30-second Themified Value Introductions with this free tool!

Your Themified Value Introduction has three parts:
  1. The audience's pains or desires
  2. Your unique solutions
  3. Easy way to take advantage

Your introduction is more likelty to be remembered if you follow the basics - make it about them, use imagery or humor, keep it clear and concise, and stick to just one message.

You are good at what you do because you have had practice.

Keep it at 30-Seconds and PRACTICE

Every success starts with communication.

When you can easily help people understand your value to them in 30 seconds or less, you'll have more opportunities for success.

If the receiver doesn’t receive, the sender doesn’t achieve.


Open to anyone to hold or attend, HOP programs, events and breakouts enable more people to engage with each other face-to-face in less time.

Relationships are so important to personal and professional growth, and they start with connections and communication. The vision for HOP is to provide more opportunities for everyone from students to executives to form valuable bonds through virtual and live 1-hour networking events.


Do you feel uncomfortable with networking, frustrated with the time it takes, disappointed in your marketing results, or disconnected from your group, team or peers?

Because of their unique structure, socially awkward and assertive types alike feel more comfortable sharing at these events.

They love that they become more connected with every fast, fun, face-to-face 1-hour event.


How and what you communicate matters.

After brief advice on how to 'Themify' their communication, attendees use assigned colors to move through small group tables, sharing and discovering opportunities and ideas as they meet everyone ... in just one hour!

Take advantage of the HOP model to link in your common interests, share resources, and GROW - Gain Rewards Opportunities and Well-being!


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